The Starting Point

by Michael in

This is a starting point. Here I intend to post links to, and comments on, news in the realms of technology and media. Occasionally I'll have an article of my own making that could be anything from an in-depth product review to a short and explicit discussion of my opinion on a subject. Here's to a clean and fresh beginning.

A quick rule of thumb for viewing my site whether via RSS or the main page itself: My "articles" will have a separate title before the content, while small posts meant to link you elsewhere will simply start with the link. The link will then be followed by some combination of a quote from the source and a brief (or not so brief) comment from me.

For anyone interested, this site is currently hosted using Squarespace. It was recommended multiple times as a sponsor of many of the podcasts over at[1] and was a delight to quickly and easily set this site up as I like. While I haven't had the account for long at all, so far the hosting solution is an easy recommendation.

As for monetizing the blog: I'm just a guy putting this site together on his free time, but I hope to possibly some day be able to recoup my costs of hosting via ads. While I'd love to be able to join something like The Deck Ad Network some day, it and its competitors are invite only. As such for now I'll have to make do with less clean ad sources. That said, it's my goal to make this site a pleasant site to visit, so I'll try my best to make any advertising as unobtrusive as possible. My current plan is to have a simple Amazon advertisement box running in the corner of every page with my affiliate ID attached and I'll link to Amazon or other stores with affiliate IDs when I review or recommend products.

Feedback via the Contact link in the navigation bar will always be welcome. You can also discuss the content with me via twitter.


1 I highly recommend Hypercritical and Build & Analyze for the tech savvy among you, while The Incomparable is great for nerds of any kind of media (TV, Movies, Comics, Books). I also listen to and enjoy The Ihnatko Almanac, Back to Work, and The Talk Show.