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Analogue: A Hate Story

The first commercial (not free) game made by Christine Love. I don't believe there's any connection between the two other than title similarity, but I've played and quite liked Digital: A Love Story (which is from 2010 but I didn't play until last year--and alarmingly forgot about it completely when writing about the games I played in 2011). Digital has no major artwork to speak of, being played from the perspective of you using an old antiquated computer with dial-up. This game seems completely different with anime-style artwork and animations.

It's $15, which some people are complaining is a high price. I don't really see the complaint as very valid. The price isn't much higher than going to a movie or buying a new hardcover book. If the thing is more than a couple hours long (or even just) and quality is sufficiently high price isn't an issue. Quality is the main price justifier here. If it's not good, the price isn't worth it. Just like a book or movie. If it's good, even if short, $15 is not too much to ask.

If you want to decide whether or not you should give the game a shot, she has free trial versions up for download for Windows, OS X, and Linux. If you like the trial but want to know what kind of full story she's capable of telling you can of course play Digital: A Love Story for free to see if you think her storytelling style is up your alley (though you might not like the aesthetic, the story is engrossing by the end).

Looking forward to playing this game when I get a chance. If the storytelling is anywhere near the quality of Digital's, I'm in for a treat.